Wednesday, 22 June 2016

underground water pipe of Kibera

RESIDENCEKIBERA Laini  saba this   week comes across under ground water pipe suspected to be used by water hawkers who dont pay eras to Nairobi water company and city respectively.
 The pipe is rolacated near Ngumo bus stop and  hawkers uses the nearest Shadrack Kimel as gate way to Kibera slum.
 Residence    spotted the pipe when in splint water on the road  entry into the city big gest slum over the weekend  generating heavy human jam.
 It is believed that the hawkers  working in hand with Nairobi Water campany engineer had  stolen the pipe from the nearest easte whose residence had been given the burden of paying rent because they are the ones who own the meters.
 According to the villagers the hawkers jump through the  nearest Shdrack primary School at  night to connect  water pipes to the nearest Laini saba dealers who are well connected.
  To make the matter open  pipes   from  Shadrack primary School are seen hanging following the demolishing of Laini Saba hawkers market to pave way for Railwayline upgrading.
The  discovery comes on the time residence of Kibera had been camplain about the
 dirty water being supplied in the area and they feared  that water may be conterminated unless Nairobi Water COMPANY  took action to   disconnect the pipe and wondered why this is happening few meters from Laini Saba police post.
 Ahawkers  who did not wants to be named said  Nairobi Water comapany are behind the scandal because  the receive monthly payment which they pocket  and also pole are aware.