Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Residence of Kebra  from Soweto will now be re located at the new Kenya Railway house in Makadara and Makongeni respectively.
  The residence went into bullot this week today and will receive keys on friday ready to move to new houses which are the  cheapest in Kenya at Ksh 80 per month.
   The happy villagers flocked at  no 42 in the morning for bulloting as they say to to flying toilets because they have been using plastic papers which in the  morning dump to railway.
  Railway move to relocated  Kibera residence to Makadara will give them chance to mix with other Nairobians for social life said John Amuyunzu who never believed that one day he will live in stone house with toilets in at Ksh 80 per month.
 He told media that he had been paying Ksh 1,500  astructure at Laini saba without toilets adding that he will now live like human  thanks to Railway he thundered.
  Kenya Railway had embarked on re locating people living on the Railwayline with the major objective of ging them chance to social with others and also up grade the line  which will nolonger be  used by human.
   During the bulloting  corrupt   villagers and official who had taken  people money proming them non existing house will have to repay.
  After reeving keys on friday they will now start to move to new house which is like heaven to them as they say to more flying toilets.
   ilahaka francis