Friday, 10 June 2016


African Countries Kenya included  needs to adapt new technologies in order to gain from green business that is sweeping the World.
  Speaking during monthly Science Cafe at French culture Center in Nairobi  University of Nairobi don Prof Shem Wandaga said most Africans  Countries luck information on morden technology and facility due to fancial difficulties adding that there is aneed  for more  research founding.
  His talk based on aclimate change which had become glob issue for both scholars and farmers.
 Shem pointed out that in order for African Countries  to increase food productivity they needs to adapt morden       farming method which is very expensive.
   The  Science Cafe attracted University students Scholrs and Scientific from numerous background, which included French Institute of Research among others.
   At the same time appealed to Kenyans not to fear calaimate  claimate  because it is just  only the matters of weather pattern chane which happen after 30 years.
 Science Cafe brings together students scholars and other academia to talk  about sc scientific matters as they social on caffee and tea
  Ilahaka francis