Wednesday, 29 June 2016


  Over the years German Culture Center in Nairobi had been known to be the venue of art exhibition, music performance book launch and other artistic  events like film featuring both local and international artist.
 Threatrical lovers going to German support center in Nairobi knows what on card   when the chance comes.
Last  tuesday events was  quiet different in that it the new bigging to wellcome the new   crop of Kenyan writers   who are making it to both local and international scene just with just few books.
 This time around the events was to talk  about Yvonne  Owuor book the  Dust which had been just translated into German under the title DER ORT ANDEM DIE REISE ENDET which is the most talked of both in Kenya and German.
Apart from the book being translated into Germanic it is the winner of Jomo Kenyatta Book award 2015 given that the award is one of the well known in the republic of Kenya.
 Tuesday talk was  steered by Kenyan born Oretor co poet Dr  Mshai Mwangola and reading in German was by Anje Bengel sterff  while English reading was by the writer her selve who was also ready to responds to questions leveled against her reguiding the book.
Both reading  wer reflectable but german proved to be more enjoyble than poetic given that in german  one word like DUST can be translated into numerous letters.
 The reading which had also changed the image of German Culture Center also mark the official launching of  German translation   and for the first time  German book by Kenya writer was being ready.
   According to the writer  2005 refurendum inspired her to write the book but 2007 events makes marks the peak following post election violence which shocked the World and in this case the writer uses both past and present development in the book.
 To make the book more historical and seriusy nationalism like Tom Mboya, and other nationlist  are mention and the  writer told well attended  talk that she spend most of her time in Library in order to be well versed with historical events which makes Kenya as Anation.
It is through this background that Dr Mshai picked nationalism as theme and allowed  members of the public to give there venue on the title, by doing so she told upcoming matters to dig deep into there artist work in order to produce books which can make impact on both local and international scene.
 She give  Owuor as aggod example because translation deal was reached while at German book fair   early this year to promote it and it impressed Anje who constrobuted alot in order to make sure that it is in German version on time.
 Apart from the book being the first by Kenyan writer to be read in german the venue was full packed something which vividly proved that it is the venue to introduce the book.