Monday, 27 June 2016


Did  know that beating achild can anger domestic animals among them  dogs and land your into aproblem.
 Last week a woman was  bitten  by adog for beating ayoung child in Kibera slum Nairobi.
The woman who did not  wants to be named was beating her child when the dog attacked her to stop beating the child who was crying for help.
 According to villagers the woman hawker who sale bananas  was beating the child on friday when the dof bite her the incident which shocked residence of Kibera Soweto area.
The woman  start to chase the child in the slum on Railwayline crying roundly  attracting villagers who told her to stop but refused, it was during this drama that the dog bite her in order to stop beating the child.
 The  dog did nothing to the child who was happy about the action takern by her best friend the dof.
 Th woman was later treated at the nearest clinic for the fee of Ksh 3,500 is is normal for anay body beaten by  adog.
 Effort by the woman to attack the dog reamain fruitless because the dog had been hiding from her according to the villagers who said that the woman had made habit of beating the child in front of the dog.