Monday, 2 May 2016


 Once again fILIMBI  which dominated Matatu industry in 90s is likely going to dominate political scene comes next year general election.
 In what started like political  anger in parliament recently by ODM politician Simba Alati had taken Nairobi by storm especially during ODM political meeting.
 During recent ODM player meeting at Laini Saba whistle Filimbi dominated the meeting this time around by women politicains.
 Currently in Nairobi  sound of Filimbi  means ODM politicians is around or announcement of political  meeting  making other politicians to fear that filimbi may replace the famous chugwa.
Over the weekend sound of Filimbi   sounded in Kibera  Langata to annonce new politicians who will be contesting different political  seats in the area.
During the incident villagers  thought that they have been invaded by thungs later to discover that politicians  were passing in the area.
 According to check up hawkers are  enjoying booming business of selling Filimbi to ODM supporters and they say true ODM suppoter should have National ID card , Vote card and Filimbi.
Filimbi dominated Matatu scene in Nairobi in 90s and was carried by Makanga before being bunned by Nairobi City Council and  Police later to come back during second strungle when Davinder of Mazingira and other politicians introduced it to fight land grabbing in the city. this time it was called Operation Filimbi.
Dav9inder used  Filimbi to call Nairobians who in turn f pulled and flatten in building on publical land under Operation Filimbi and that was the birth of the   Mazingira Institute.
 During Operation  Filimbi  Winners  Chapel Church at Adamas in Nairobi was pulled and Iron sheet and other building materials carried away.
  Apart from  Filimbi Coffee  Chai dominated political scene and it was Serena Coffee that removed Moi and KANU from power.
 The first coffee was bought by Mama Rainbow Charity Ngilu who invited both  Wamalwa and Kibaki,
  And during 2002 election Coffee means   political matters and end products removal of Kanu from power, thanks to Ngilu coffee, and the nagging question is will Filimbi remove Uhuru regime.
  ilahaka francis