Tuesday, 17 May 2016


GRREDY  pastors  alas men of God are now giving non chrsitians letter to heaven when they are dead.
 Those days believe it or not   with money your  dead drunker relative can given christian card and be buried like any other critisn depending on his pocket.
 Apart from that there are pastors whose role is to pray for drunkered when they are dead in order to have save journey to heraven and therwe srepective homes.
 traditionaly dead people expecially those going to Western Kenya needs the word of God when being transported home and that is why those greedy Panda pegu pastors are being paid tp prey fo them like any other christians.
 It is beleived that when your relative dies you just approach the pastor over the cup of tea and agree on the amount of the money to be paid in order for the late to be given   christian card of agiven church which will convince those at home that he was attending the  church and yet during his life time he was anti christian.
 The new  tred is common in  Nairobi and the so called pastor are reported to be making alot of money from rich people who had not attending church in order to be given letter to heaven.