Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Most of landlord  are worried that unless both group the goverment  and opposition agree on the way forward the youth may  use the demo to distruct properties in the name of demo.
  Alandlord who gives his name as Jacob Ominde said some youth went ahead to broke toilets in  search of human waste making them unuseble and also using other items including chairs and timbers as weapons to attack police officers.
 For Emily Akinyi landlady and  mandas hawker things   were different agroup of women approached her  and order her to join demo as they pick madas and  firewood which they used to attack police officers and those who refused to join them and at the end of the day no business as usual.
James Kamau who had been  staying in Kibera for man years even during Moi era fracus noted tha during such demo  landlord suffered alot because some people destroye there properties and even refused to pay rent giving example of those who had refused to pay rent since 2007 in  Katwekera adding that this time they will say  let move IBC fist before  we pay rent and life goes lke that.
For him Kamau believes that        talk by both side is the lonely solution.
On there side  demonstrators accused police officers for  provocking them whle sitting peaceful on road side.
 Tom Onyango said they  were sitting at the famous  Kamukunji ground when police start teargasng them forcing them to defend them selves with stones and other   weapons in front adding that police should allow them for peaceful demonstration per law.
  Other group of demonstrators claimed that they were eading  heading to town when police officers   start to beat them on Ngong road and nears DC  office  focing them to run for saferty and  some of them stone the officers.
  Ben Alunga said that they were overpowered by police officers forcing them to use the deadly human waste which was lso used during 2007 fracus adding that they are not agaist the police if they agive them chance to demo.
   On  there side administrator accused the youth of   stonning the nearest Dc  center forcing police officers to clear them away and around Ngong road and Kibera drive as they grouped to attack members of the public who refused to join them.
Laini  saba   chief  Patrck  Andira feared the use of youth during demo adding  Kibera use are known of using such chance to  cource distruction in  the area.
 Another  adminstartor who did not want to be named told me that he cant  believe what the you are doing, you can see there is no train passing he added.
  On his side former Laini Sana chief Pert Amianda Muyera said in Kibera during demo chiefs are supposed to be careful when dealng with demo, and you are supposed to know the gang leader in order to control them.