Monday, 25 April 2016


Criminals  had taken over music industry in the Country targetting famous artist and comedians by reproducing there works.
  Apart from music popular Tv shows had been reproduced in  Nairobi and are reported to be selling on the back street like hot cake.
 Among the Tv show included   Jicho pevu by Mohhamed Ali and Churchhill which are being sold betwwen Ksh 50 and 70 respectivel.
 Those days you will found  people geathered around Tv set on the street and at the slum watching Jicho pave by Mohammed Ali and Churchhill   chich had been reproduced and packed.
 Politicians speech are slo taped and produced by youth and sold on the back street of Nairobi without any action being taken against them by Copyright board.
Those days new musc are getting there way to street of Nairobi before the official launch  meaning that fake music dealers are earning more than the  original composers and creators.
  Classic music by both famous Kenyan musicians like Kabaka, Fadhilli Williams, D,O Misiani and Zaire Koffi Olimide, the late FRanco are sold betwwen Ksh  50 and 100 respectively.
  According to Music Copyright Society of Kenya it is the responsibility of Copy right board to take action against fake music dealers.