Wednesday, 16 March 2016

scholars wants music back as subject in Schools in Kenya

       Top music and arts Scholars wants music subject re introduced  from primary Schools in the Country for the sake of development.
   Lead by Winnie Murithi Principal   Wynton School of music and Dr Elkana Ongesa top arts said that according to research children who perform well in music and arts subject in primary School also perform well in   national examination and there is need to re introduced it in School.
 They were speaking at  Nairobi Gallery during the official opening of Richard Onyango art exhibition tracing history of Lyland truck dating 50s in the Country.
 Muriithi noted that in order  for the Country to produce musician who can make it on both local and international scene music should be introduced in Schools as subject for examination but not for entertainment during music festival which is one week events
They said   or over the World music  is contributing  much to economy and there is aneed to have professional musicians to be  motivated in School at the  early ege. Adding that music was removed as a subject  without speaking to experts in the Country.