Tuesday, 22 March 2016


       Double tragedy as the late Bomoka Makanga is crashed to death by train after winning yet another Ksh 80,000 Sport Pesa  money.
 The Makanga was crashed to death by train which  chopped his  body into two pieces on his way from Bomoka funeral arrangement in Kibera Soweto after night of mourning and drinking according to eye witness.
 Bomoka died  two weeks ego after winning Ksh 35,000 Sport Pesa and went into drinking spree in Kibera slum forgetting that he was high blood pressure victim
 His Makanga also from Western Kenya dies just one week after Bomoka death and on the same Sunday when he was found dead in his house in Soweto Kibera and according to Luhya traditional that is ban omen.
The said Makanga who worked with the late Bomoka is reported to have won Ksh 80,000 Sport Pesa and spend the day drinking before attending  Bomoka funeral arrangement in the area and was seen drinking with his friends.
His body was later found chopped into two pieces by members of the public on Railwayline just few meters from the late Bomoka house
 Villagers are still wondering how the late Makanga left the funeral venue and get his way on the Railway without being escorted by his friends    Ksh 5,000 shillings were discovered  few  metes  from his body
The tragedy incident shocked members of the public and Makanga who gathered at the scene of badly chopped body which was later taken by police top the city Mague.
  According to those who attended the funeral arrangement that night said that late  victim had alot of money because he was drunk  throught the night.
 His  driver the late Bomoka  will be taken home on Thursday  in Western Kenya for burial over the weekend.