Wednesday, 30 March 2016

kibera residence say no to flying toilets as they gear for new house

  Kibera residence jeers to get new cheap housing  under  slum upgrading Soweto Face one which are among the modern  among Nairobi slum.
 The residence last week  turned up in  a good numbers at Nyayo national stadium for vetting which so  those who had  followed instruction per agreement being given green  light to enter into new housing very soon.
 The cheap unit ranges from one bedroom, two bedroom and three bed rooms respectively which will see improvement in the slum commonly known of the famous Flying toilets
The new  chapter will bring to the end the famous flying toilets and other poverty related activities known in the  one of African biggest slum.
Now the residence are waiting for the official opening of the unit  very soon this month before the government start to build the second face
Those who did not  follow the law by slum up grading agreement will have to wait for the  second face, while those who sold there cards needs to re think   afresh.
 Following the development residence of Kibera had thanked the government for the action and accused those moving to court by the instructions of politicians for being enemy of development
 Slum are supposed to be eradicated  in Africa by the  year 2030 and Kenya is not supposed to be left out.
  ilahaka fr