Wednesday, 16 March 2016


  Aman was over the weekend found dead inside his house few days after winning Sport Pesa at the ongoing game
  The victim whose popular name was given as Bomoka was South C Matatu drive in Nairobi by the time of his death.
According to his  co drivers commonly known as Watu wa stage the late Bomoka won over Ksh 35,000 Sport Pesa and went on drinking spree in Kibera slum never to report to work again noted his former employee.
During those days he had been drinking in Kibera or the time and some time seen sitting on road side and on Railwayline despite  his heavy body.
 Source told media that the late Bomoka was victim of high blood pressure and he forgot to take medicine or visit his doctor like any other drunken  in the area.
 Those  who knows him said the late victim  was  sick man in the past few weeks and he was too drunker to tell anybody or visit the doctor, but only seen  acting  strange. adding that  he is known to becoming to drunker to report on the duty.
The late Bomoka  who comes from Vihiga County  Lwunza village was one of the fattest men in Kibera slum and among South C Matatu  driver.s
He was dicovered in his house at Kibera Soweto on Sunday morning by villagers and was  last seen on Saturday totally drunker.
 Beside his bed was prepared rice which convince villagers that he was the victim of bllod pressure and  heart attack.
 Other source told media that the late Bomoka  had not been eating since he won Sport Pesa pay game money.