Friday, 19 February 2016


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to sundaynation
  African Countries Kenya being included needs to work with Universities and Scholars in order for this Country to move forward.
  It is true that the World had become digital village and the development of local knowledge lies in the hands of Universities and Scholars for the sake of development.
 Local knowledge needs to be passed to Universities with ability to turn them into innovation before  handing them to  industrial as it is in China and Japan.
In Kenya there are numerous people with local knowledge especially in the field of traditional medicine and agriculture but it had becomes graveyard to put them in action because local  Universities are taking long period to respond while Scholars are ignoring them in the name of primitive ideas.
  Speaking with experience in 2013 i attend the First Mt Kenya University   Research and Innovation Conference at Safari Park hotel in Nairobi, in our group we talked about family garden commonly known as chicken garden by locals.
  We share views  with women from West Africa  how to start such garden using waste fruits and vegetables to grow  vegetables and using of waste fruits  and plastic papers  to produce seedlings under community seeds production.
 From that knowledge i started my garden using waste fruits and  vegetables  to grow and waste fruits and waste plastic papers to produce seedlings and seeds which i give free to urban farmers and Schools in Langata and Kibra.
In 2014 i took part in  Family Farming exhibition at French Culture Center in Nairobi given that the year 2014 was declared the year of Family farming by  United Nation with the major objective of appreciating the role played by Family Farming in food production and security around the World
 Since then i have taken part in numerous forum related to the issue of Urban Farming and the use of waste fruits and vegetables to grow vegetables
 On January 13  this year  i started Operation Nairobi Green by planting fruits trees  at  Shadrack Kimel Primary School in Nairobi in which i was supported by Lion Club   International to mark birth day of there founder the late Jones   who was born on Jan 13  and we had agreed to plant more fruits trees in Primary Schools in Nairobi with the major objective of boosting there diet
  I took the action after founding out that most Schools in Nairobi feed School kids on dry maize and beans and yet they have  empty land  with nobody to plant vegetables and fruits. apart from that we   will team up with lion to plant vegetables in Schools just free.
  The project is  just follow up of Mt Kenya  University Innovation Conference and is example of the importance of Universities Conference given that not only Scholars and University communities that gain but those  with version.