Friday, 5 February 2016

Railwayline vegetable garden and Lion club boost eating of fruits among school kids in Nairobi

                         Railwayline Vagetable garden will next week
                         plant fruits seedlings at Mbagathi  Primary School
                         in Nairobi.
                          The first planting was held last month at Shadrack
                          Kimeli primary School on Jan 13 to mark birth day
                          of Lion club founder the late Jones.
                          Lion club had teamed up with Railwayline vegetable
                          garden to plant fruits seedlings in Schools in Nairobi
                          with the major objective of promoting urban farming
                          and eating of fruits among School kids.
                          The action was taken after outcry that  most Schools
                          in Nairobi have empty land and there is nobody to
                          plant fruits and vegetables.
                           Ralwayline uses waste fruits and vegetables to grow
                           and waste fruits and plastic papers to produce seed and seed
                           lings which are given free to Schools and Urbvan farmers
                           in Nairobi