Thursday, 3 December 2015


     Mama mboga in Nairobi are worried about the increasing numbers of young boys who had taken over there work.
 They claims that numbers of young boys joining vegertable selling  at city slums and eastate is rising and very soon they will be jobless because the youth are faster in chopping vegertables attracting many customers majority of them who are young as they call them wana lika.
 According mama mboga the numbers of young generation who cannot prepare vegeratables is rising and such group prefer to buy from young men who are faster in cutting sukuma and other vegertables.
 Currently the new generation cannnot even chop onions and tomatoes which young  vegertable sellers are ready to do for them and pack them.
 And true to there character parents in Nairobi are camplaining that there doughters those days are to lazy to chop sukuma live alone cooking and that is why men are  chopping for them tomatoes and onion which is gainst Africa traditional in which young girls learn how to prepare vegertables and cook from there mothers and grand parents
 Those days going around  Nairobi  slums you will come face to face with lazy generation carrying pack sukuma including onions and tomatoes and when they cook they are half cooked,
Parents are worried about who will marry girls who cannot  chopp vegertables and cook them. and to use the chance young men had taken over from mama mboga and they are at front line of preparing and chopping sukuma  onions and tomatoes for women.
  According to African traditional men are not allowed to  prepare vegertables for women  while normal women are not allowed to carry  with them prepared fresh vegertables ready to be cooked at home because by doing so youth will not know how to prepare vegertables.
  Men  are now being blamed  to controbuting to lazyness of there  women by allowing them to by chopped vegertables including tomatoes and onions while parents are beingt blamed for not  teaching there young girls how to cook and the importance of chopping vegertables them selves.
  Cases of women being beaten by there husband fopr buying ready made vegertables had been reported in Nairobi and other parts of the Country.
 History of ready made  vegertables is traced in Nairobi Jericho and Maringo area in 80  when mama mboga used to prepare vegertables for men who  stay alone.
 Those men used to spend more time on work either at East Africa Industry, B,A,T K.C.C among others  and women used to prepare vegwertables  for them even some went ahead to book  in advanced.
 Some men went ahead to marry those mama mboga as second wife mpango wa kando those days because they used to take vegertables to there house  when men are drunk and went ahead having affair.
 Even today mama mboga are still using chance to attrat men and young boys.
 What is happening is that some men dont wants to line due to high numbers of Nairobians waiting for ready made vegertables and mama mboga  went ahead to take them to there homes. the same to young men and boys who are not sparing mama mboga.
  Today Nairobians are bexcoming lazy and lazy and some cannot even chop onions and tomatoes vwery soon it will be pili pili Mama nikatie pili pili nini haraka, hata wataanza kuwakorogea mayai.