Wednesday, 2 December 2015


 Alert is sounded in Nairobi over criminals among them students selling stolen books and other School properties.
 The trade had become normal in Nairobi during xmas holiday when students who had finished both  class 8 and form four sold there text books and those belonging to there former schools.
According to check up students who  write examination recently are selling there books and other properties including uniforms to street hawkers and in slum with the major objective of rising money for xmas holidays and video.
A parent told media that his child had sold most of his books including his brothers after his last paper in the just ended examination
Those  also selling stolen textbooks are poorly paid teachers from them  slum based schools among others.
  A chief  from KIBRA Patrick Adira had warn book dealers against buying books and uniform from students, adding that both sallers and buyers will face the law when the matter are reported to his office,
 Following the trade Schools in Nairobi had warns parents  against buying used books because majority of them are stolen,because next year no child will be allowed to use stamped book in school next year.
 The habit is likely going to affect both Schools and parents because they are forced to buy new books when the schools open.
 Apart from  students and teachers selling stolen books criminals are reported to be reproducing text books which they sale cheaply on the city street.