Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Every friday and throught the weekend local newspapers and magazine are full with musicians stories ranging from gospel to pop, but no critic or writer had dig deep into traditional of musicians.
The trunth is that over the years local musicians had been coming out with there own stylish with the major objective of attracting funs and media for there own benefit.
One of the most memorable events is when the late Prof Namani consumed agoat during the then singers of the year award ceremony held in Nairobi.
According to the function organazer and founder of the singer of the year award CDM Kiratu they invited Prof Namani  at Katina club during the events when the musicians consumed the whole goat shocking the guest and musicians.
The owners  were forced to look for another  meat according toKiratu himself amusicians, because it was for the first time to discover that  Prof Namani traditional doctors turned musicians  meal was a whole goat.
The following day local newspapers carried  Healine stories Prof Naaamani consumed    Hegoat during singer of the year award ceremony.
  Another shocking story  was when Prince  Faridah now born again christians announce at Carnivore hotel that she was having affair with former Mr Universay and true to her character Faridah went ahead to kiss and hang Mr Universal, as the giant man carry her and dance with Faridah at Carnivore hotel in front of both local and international media as  Kenyans wondred hos can Faridah have affair with such giant man.
 Still at Carnivore Prezzo shocked Kenyans when he  landed at Carnovore ground in chopper, just from the near by Willson airport.
 The function was Changua ya Teener award and it was discovered the rich musicians wanted attract local media who had ingnored him for man  month.
  Another musicians who shocked Kenyans was the late Daudi Kabaka when he refused to have joint production with  the late Franco the famous  Lingala King.
 Franco was staying at Pan Afrik hotel diring performance in Kenya and asked Kabaka for joint production Kabaka refused by saying Franco did not have appointment with him.
 Kabaka claims that since he was internationa musician Franco need to have appointment with him  on paper and the following day newspapers carried  a story  King of Twist Daudi Kabaka turned down  Franco joint production offer.
 On his side the late Achieng Kabasselah arrived at National Theatrer in over side shirt like heavy woman during MSCK election.
 Later he engaged the organazers in heated debate before moving to high table and learn away with  papers and files whih he scattered or over the  place and musiciansd run after him.
 The following day newspapers carried his picture on front page run away with files and it was discovered that he wanted to attract media.
  Another memorable events is when the late  Maight King Kong ride on Nairobi street on horse during demonstartion against MSCK and the sale of fake music materials.
  The musician was cheered on the street before addressing press conference outside Nation Center over the matter he was later carried by other musician.
   Daudi Amunga also attracted media when he termed local musicians as story tellers accusing them of performing other rich Kenyans are eating.
 The remark angered local musicians and since then Amunga is the only Kenyan musicians who had never performed in ahotel. watch for more about Kenya musicians and fun