Thursday, 1 October 2015

craft afrika fashion show on show at French Culture Center in Nairobir

 Local disgner had been urged to produce products whih are suitable for both local and international markert with the major objective of marketing Kenya abroad.
In amassage dilvered on his behalf by Mr James Wanaina during the official opening of Craft AfriKa home made at French Culture Center in Nairobi. Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Industry and Enterprise Development hon Adan Mohamed said Kenya is ahome of talent who can make it on local and international scene is the work as ateam.
 He pointed out that Kenya fashion  is attracting fashion lover abroad as personality like M, Obama and  Actor   Lupita Nyongo zoom to promote them,
 The Minister give example of Kenyatta market produced fashion which attracted top fashion magazine abroad after being used by Oscar award winning actor Lupita  Nyongo,
 While  calling upon Kenya to buy Kenyan made Mohammed also appealed to students in Fshion School to be practical in stead of just working with the major objective of passing examination.
  He told Fshion Schools to make sure that they produce  fashion deigner ready to enter into the markert and promote this Country abroad , aading that is the only easy was of controbuting to our economy,
 The   two weeks events at French Culture Center in Nairobi had attracted fashion desiners and  Afrika Handmade from or over the World whose work are on desplay.