Monday, 31 August 2015


    Recently University don told Kenyans farmers on alocal Tv station that you
   cannot re plant seeds on reference to the on going GMO debate, the don was wrong
    re planting of seeds is part of African traditions and it had been going on before the
    birth of Christ BC, Farming had ben going on since  ice age in the name of domesticating.
    What the don needs to know is that  with GMO we can still re plant seeds under community
     seeds production.
      Photo one show tomatoes grown using waste fruits and vegetables to grow at Railway
       line vegetable garden in Kibera,  The seeds were produced uisng waste fruits and platic papers
        waste tomatoes wre just piked from   dustbin dumping, No chemical used, so whta was  the
         don telling Kenya ns farmers.
         Photo two Francis Ilahaka Culture writer turned Urban Farming promoters with
          Technical Universirty student I Kiare with anient Tomatoes believed to have been first
           planted in Kenya during Railway constration over 120 years back but still grow in some
           parts of the Country in the bush and in maize garden without   care,  In the photo the
           small tomatoes which still grow at Upper hill in  Nairobi cannot be attacked by desease
            and take long period to grow bad.
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