Wednesday, 29 July 2015


  Nyeri  County women representative hon Priscilla Nyokabi  had difended Nyeri women over  transformer claim.
  Speaking in Nairobi during book launch ceremony at  German Culture Center  were she was chife guest said that Nyeri women are friendlt to there husband and accused local media who spreading propaganda against them.
 Nyokabi said history shows that Nyeri women  had respect to there husband and that is why the rate of divorce in the area is  down.
In the past there had been cases of Nyeri women beating up therte husband and even chopping off there manhood in which local media had termed as trasformer .
  While calling on Kenya women to use there pen in telling true story about them selves she pointed out that like any other women Nyeri women will zoom to love there husband and told off  those claiming that they arte dangerous.
 The law makers termed book publishing as the lonely easy way of recording history to the younger generation.
  At the same time took issue with politicians who had formed clubs of defending corrupt politicians in the parliament, adding that 20 percent of elected members are corrupt.
  She  revealed that those defending corrupt politicians are more corrupt than them and  appealed to elected women  members to rise up and defends there own.
 Nyokabi wondred  how can  politicians form clubs of defending corrupt politicians who are stealing public money and appealed to court not to   spare them because they are enerymy of development.
  She added that those   againsta Ngilu and Wainguru are more corrupt than them because there major objective is to reduce there numbers of women inthe house.
  At the same time appealed to elected women leadwers to form such clubs and defends there owen against corrupt men, giving example of Nancy Baraza who was moved from office without proper  reason.