Thursday, 11 June 2015


  Tension in Kibera slum ahead of Soweto housing vetting to kick off on Monday 15th this month with local Mp Joshua Olum warning outsiders to keep of from the golden project for slum residence.
  Speaking during public baraza in the area head of vetting he said that  only Kibera residence will be given house when  one week vetting  kick off on Monday.
 He issued residence that on how had been sold  to outsiders including Riara University because the houses belongs to Soweto residence  who structured  were flatten in 2005 to pave way for slum upgrading.
 In the past there hard been claim that some of the new building had been sold to rich  people among them politicians and  institute of high learning  among them Riara University.
 The meeting was also attended by representatives from  National Housing local politicians  Co operative officials and residence representatives among others
 Those who hard sold there cards were told to settle the matters before vetting kick off or risk loosing there houses because they are not allowed to sale there cards according to the law of Land.
  The Mp told  residence to  report outsiders who turned up for vetting on Monday to police because there had been report that grabbers and outsiders had flocked into Kibera  ahead of vetting.
  There was tension at the meeting when politicians turned the braza into political scene by accusing each other of working with grabbers but instead promised to face each other during 2017 genera election.
The barza was told that over 122 vetting cards had been sold ahead of vetting on Monday and those who had been sold told to re pay the money or loose the houses,
  At the same time residence were told  to choose either Railway houses or Soweto ones because nobody cannot be given two houses at ones except business ones