Friday, 17 April 2015

World war forgoten Luhya traditional vegetable Linyoronyoro introduced in Nairobi at Railwayline Vegetable Garden

With the major objective of promoting Urban Farming and eating of traditional vegetables
 Raiwalway line Vegetable Garden in Nairobi  had introduced ignored Luhya traditional
 vegetable Linyoronyoro.
 The vegetable believed to be  of the family of Spinach, Murenda and Nderema  was used
  as vegetable among the Maragoli  who are sub tribe of of Luhya traced from Egypt during
  second World war war draught.
  The vegetable is just like any other vegetable commonly grown in fertile land and
  never dry up during drought.
  According to research conducted by Railwayline Garden in Western Kenya during the just
   ended dry season  Linyoronyoro was popularized during second World war and was mixed
   with  kunde and  Kitenzo and ndelema and is good when cooked dry.
   A member of friends church told us that it was cooked using liquaid oil which was given
   free packed in  Debe and it  is source of medicinal eg TB and Coughing  among the kinds.
   Kitenzo and Ndrema when mixed with Linyoronyoro can cure coughing  among kinds
   and those suffering from TN and was used  like morden Liver Oil.
   It from this great Linyonyoro and Kitenzo the famous Lunya songs which goes
   Mama be tsimbindi tes kimiza, Kilavula Kitenzo ngani Inzara yakita nu guli kanyama  usyazenga
   na ugonga. The song is to wele come the rain season after drought and was common during last
    According to  the late Prof      A Kimoli of Nairobi University buying meat those days
    was difficult and yet it only cost  Ksh 3 and Linyo roro  Ndrema and Kitenzo were the
   lonely source of vegetables.
 Vihiga Culture Society now blames Maragoli Scholar for there failer to  domesticate Linyoronyoro
   according to one of its member they will talk about the  dying vegetable during this years
    Vihiga Culture festival later in the year and how to domesticate it
     Railwayline  Vegetable Garden had  introduced it and will soon domesticate it
   by planting them in the common garden in the suck.
   It is true that the plant is vegetable because at Railwayline Garden there are two variety like
   any other vegetable, more about the plat join me on twiter and other social media to promote
    eating of traditional vegetables and Urban Farming.