Friday, 10 April 2015


More French Universities are willing to work with Kenyan Universities in the field of research and program exchange for the sake of development both
The  call was mad e by Cultural and Cooperation  Counciselle French Embassy  Mr Jean Pierre Tutin during the monthly Science Cafe at French Cultural Center De Nairobi
 Speaking at   French Culture Center he said French students are ready to travel to Nairobi and work with local universities even after recent Garissa University attack in which dozen of students were kiled and other injured'
While calling on  France  students and its people to travel to Kenya he said that he had received numerous call from French students wishing to travel to Kenya and called for joint working together against war on terror  which is a threat to humanity
During the well attended function one  there was one minute silent for those who lost there life during Garissa attack which shocked the World
At the same time promised that very soon  French  will launch noble plan between Kenyan Universities and France which will so numerous Kenyans working in France
 The Science Cafe brought together  both local and International Scholars who talked about problems facing Maize farmers  and maize plant in Africa Kenya being included.
 Present also were students from local universities  taking agriculture as well as  science journalist among  others next Science Cafe will be held in june this month under the theme Climatic change