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Ksh 4.5 million for busary in Langata

   Langata leaders had  rolled out three key issues  with the major objective of improving education standard in the area with high numbers of  School going children.
The two  included security and healthy which they termed as  main pillar of improving education  in the one of Nairobi most complex area which is mixture of slum dwellers and rich who stays to wards  Otiende, Langata and Karen.
 Lead by the area Mp Mr Joash Olum and CDF chairman Mr Francis Ojango Ochwacho promised that no students will miss education due to the luck of School fee because  bursary dockets will be increased during the forthcoming financial year
 They made the remark  at Undugu ground when they distributed  over Ksh4.5 million bursary to the need students from the area both in secondary Schools and Universities around the Country
 Mr Olum noted that in order to improve education in the area security and healthy should be addressed adding that healthy society is for healthy economy and better  exam results.
 On security he said that  residence and  students should move free in the area while going and coming back from School and warns criminals that  there days had been out numbered because the law will not spare them.
 The Mp added that cases of students missing lessons because they are sick is non existing because there are enough healthy  Centers in the area and the government will  make sure that there is enough  medicine and other medical facilities
 On his side Ochwacho noted that in order to cope with the raising numbers of students  who need bursary  only those with required max  where considered
 adding that while the government is spending a lot of money on education sector students needs to work hard so that they can give back to the society
 He echoed Olum remark that security and healthy are key pillars for better healthy  adding that sick children cannot performer in School while staying in fear due-to insecurity
 At the same time promised  that apart from education his office will consider some funds for sports and games with the major objective of fishing out the talents who can make it on  both local and international scene who are going to waste  due to luck of motivation.
 The same will go to music and  performing arts because Kibera is a home of World known talents in music and boxing.
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