Monday, 2 March 2015


Kenya  Schools drama    festival  adjudicators report will not be the final as it used to be in the past.
 This time around cameras replay will take anew role in order to make sure that best groups are given chance to climb  to the pick.
The news was announced by the festivals national chairman Chokera Kahura during an  adjudicators briefing in Nairobi last week.
He told over 150 members that things had dramatically changed with the major objective of promoting and fishing out talents from drama festival which is the gate way to the world of entertainment.
In the past there had been public outcry that well connected groups had been riding high while the best groups  thrown out from the festivals, which are very important  on Kenya School calendar.
In the past groups which fails  to move ahead had  performed on public arena and ends up attracting more theater love and even there scripts ends up into script
The good news had been welcomed by both producers and affected Schools who accused some adjudicators of being the force behind the winning scripts and among other evils.
 Kenya Schools drama festival had in the past played great role in drama development in the Country given that Prof Ngugi Wathiong and the late Prof Francis Imbuga are products of drama festivals