Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Nairobi Water Company   yesterday raided  Kibera slum and  arrested water hawkers suspected  to be disconnecting  pipes in the area in order to sale the commodity at high price
 The hawkers hawkers were ambushed by officers on the patrol while transporting water to the nearest Highrise estate were  they sale between Ksh 50 and 70  respectively  to those who cannot carry water.
Those also affected are hawkers who sale water without Nairobi Company miter  robbing Nairobi  County thousands of shillings.
At Soweto area   those without miters were arrested and later  freed for unknown reason, while hawkers chart were  impounded  by the Council officers but also freed them.
 Kibera iridescence and  some parts of Langata had been experiencing water shortage since Xmas and new years festival  without proper explanation from the Nairobi Water company
When  contacted  the officers said water hawkers who are  disconnecting pipes are the ones who are generating shortage of water in Kibera and some parts of Langata adding that majority of water hawkers in Kibera use fake pipes and nothing is paid to the Nairobi water company
  Hawkers buy water in Kibera slum at Ksh 3 and sale them at Highrise for Ksh 60 or 70 shillings and yet they pay nothing to Nairobi Water company  
 Residence are worried that unless something is done there life is in danger because those hawkers disconnect pipes at night allowing some  dirty elements  inside
 At the same time appealed to Nairobi Water Company to make sure that those arrested are taken to because majority of them are freed after paying back door fine