Tuesday, 6 January 2015


    Culture and music lovers in Kenya are not happy by the way the annual Kenya
     Culture and music festivals are being managed ,
     The festival which is the biggest and oldest festival in  East  and Central Africa
    is no longer attractive as it used to be during colonial era
   Tracing the events Kenya Music and Culture festival is oldest in East Africa
       and was mooted by colonial administration with the major objective of
   promoting  performing arts among the Whites, Asians and the black durimg
    joint festivals.
   During those days  only Whites were around to perform at Kenya National Theatre
    while the black and Asians venue were at Kariokor  social hall and Kaloleni
    and best groups used to perform to the   colonial administrator
   The festival is the only events which went on smoothly during the  second World
   war  which proved the relationship between performing arts and war.
   After Uhuru both the founding father the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, retired President
    supported the festival but things change drastically when  President Kibaki took
    over which so his administration moving the festival from Kenyatta International
 Conference Center and give no support to the festival
   Currently the festival is dying and unless action is taken the festival  will be no
   more because no group from East Africa region is being invited to perform like
     during those happy days.
     Even      Culture lovers are not aware if the events was held last year..