Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Every project  should have end product especially during this 21 Century, example is agriculture project in Sudan  mooted by  Action Africa Help. Mr Robert Lonude a farmer in Dimo Boma in Lainya County is full of praise for the improved variety of cassava cuttings he received from the project
A seasoned  cassava farmer, he was amazed at not only how fast  the crop grew but also by how much he could harvest from just one plant. I have never seen anything like this, because this improved cassava has matured early at only 9 months and has more than 10  tubers in a single plant unlike the local variety which matures at 1.5 years and has only 3 to 4 tubers, This one plant alone earns me more money
The project is example of how Action Africa Help International is promoting cheap agriculture which contribute to both food security and economical  empowerment in Africa
 source Action Africa Help International 2009 Annual Report