Thursday, 18 December 2014


 The annual Vihiga Culture festival will be staged at Mbale town in Vihiga County on 26 December this year.
 The biggest events in  Western Kenya is organize by  Maragoli Culture Society with the major
   objective of promoting Culture related events in the region and also are outsiders to attend and learn more about there culture diversity
 The events will start with a visit to Mungoma in South Maragoli which is suspected to be the first
  home of Mulogoli and his wife Kaliesa believed to be grandfathers of Wamaragoli of Western Kenya who are sub tribe of Luhya
 While at Muungoma they will perform  traditional customs ahead of the events at Mbale  Town which are likely going to be among the major attraction.
 On the line up included traditional food, music, debates dance among other which will spiced the events which are also among the oldest in the area.
Best groups will receive numerous awards from the organizers of Vihiga Culture Festival according to elders who talk to media at Mbale  town and the arrangement gears up
 The festival will end with Utamadudi   football cup in the area among other activities of the day which is considered to be great by the Maragoli of western Kenya
 Vihiga Culture Festival was mooted by the late powerful politicians  Moses Budamba Mudavadi with the major objective of allowing the Maragoli who  stay in town to return home and greet each other Murembe since them the events had become among the biggest in the region attracting numerous personalities among them former President Daniel Arap Moi and former Pm Raila Odinga among others.