Monday, 15 December 2014


 South African is ahead in agriculture research because the goverment
  is   serous  while Universities already to work with farmers when new
  plant is sported.
 Example is fiery fruits discovered in 90s later to attract global consumers
  around the World.
 The story of the discovery of these little red gems is as nusual as the fruit itself
 The bush a member of the  capsicum family was first spotted in 1995 by
 his  Eastern Cape garden. How exactly the plant found its roots here, is not
 known by today.
 After initial disastrous experiments, a recipe was finally developed to turn
peppery fruits into  tangy delicacies. Subsequent global registration  of
 the plant growing rights ensured  that South African company, Peppadew
 International , currently has sole rights to grow and bottle the product
  That is example why South Africa is ahead of other Countries in Africa
   and other Countries  including Kenya should learn from in order to move
 ahead before the year 2050
  Kenya being blessed by beautiful highlands and forest among them
  Kakamega  rain forest might having such discovery but both farmers
   Scholars and the government are not serious
  Among the discovery  sleeping in Kenya includes vegetables and frutis
   even medicinal.
    Time ha come for Universities to consider working with local farmers
     and avoid   conditions  when it comes to research and depending on
    donors .