Tuesday, 11 November 2014

IT cheap and free Railway house for Kibera residence in Nairobi

   Residence of Kibera slum in Nairobi will this week be re located to new Railway morden
   house as part of Rift Valley Railway and the government to move people away from line
  The first group are expected to be re located  from tomorrow per promise and latters
   given to them  this week.
  The new stone building are the cheapest   in the city and are likely going to boost living
  of the residence who can afford house rent in other areas.
  Apart from that another group will be re located to iron sheet houses in which they will
  stay free for six month as other stone houses  are being constructed away from the line
  and only registered residence will be given chance
 The project is apart of Uhuru Kenyatta administration promise that living strandard
  of those living around the Railway line and on slums will be improved
  Already NYS together with local youth had embarked on cleaning Railway line
 the action which will put opposition on shame because they had been on front line
  of opposing every government project