Wednesday, 1 October 2014


   Anew building being constrated at the juction of Mbagathi  road and Langata round about is dangerous
    to both motorist and other users.
    It is wrong and act of blindness for anew building to be constracted on  Langata Mbagathi round about
    when traffic jam is a major problematic on the road
    If action is not taken business on the road will be on  standstill because the new building which is also
    on Nairobi river had already blocked part of the road especially for those walking to Nairobi West.
    Both Dr Kidero and Nema should tell Kenyans  whats wrong  because Kenyans needs smooth traffic
    but not  building which are blocking the road.
     Truly speaking a normal personal and    corrupt NEMA can build ahouse on Langata road juction with Mbagathi round about.
      Let the owner of the building be known to the public