Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nairobi Harvester formed to promote Urban Farming in Nairobi

     With the major objective of promoting Urban farming and eating of traditional vegetbales
      anew group had been formed in Langata area to deal with the issue.
      The group Nairobi Harvest major objective is to bring youth together so that they can
      improve urban farming in the area and other parts of the City
      The first  step is how to  use  waste vegetables and fruits to grow vegetables, using waste
      plastic papers and fruits to produce seedling and seeds under Community seeds production
      among others.
       Members will be introduced to  pumpkin  growing using waste fruits and food.
       In order to join the group you needsto have apiece of land given that you will be  given
       free seedlings, you also needs to read and attend meetings when needed  because
       Urban Farming needs to be proffesional.