Monday, 27 October 2014

Dr Elimo Njau accused promoters of exploiting Kenyan artist

      Paa ya Paa Directer Dr Elimo Njau is  worried with art buyers and collectors
      who are milking local painters for there own  gain.
     The former Kenyatta University don accused cowmen poising as promoter
      for buying local art at lower price and later sale the at high price  while the
      creators dies poor.
     He  give example of former Ford Foundation  boss who own numerous art
     Center in Nairobi as the leader of those conman and women still using
     Ford foundation money to buy local  paintings cheaply and later sale them
     at expensive price during auction which they stage in expensive  hotel
      in which coffee and tea goes for Ksh 500 per cup.
      He accused the founder of Kenya art Diary None Croze for not inviting
       him and other artist during the launch recently.
      Those promoters are buying Kenya art work for Ksh 10,000 and selling them
       for 500,000 during auction this must end added  fuming Njau