Wednesday, 24 September 2014

woodley stadium

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woodly stadium


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  Footballers, officials and Schools from Langata area had appealed to government to probe how money allocated for renovation of Woodley playground and Laini Saba   were used
 Lead by former nominated civic  leader  Noordine  Taib and clubs officials using the ground they claimed that over Ksh 11 million allocated for Woodley ground by former  Town  clerk Phillip Kisia ended into politicians pockets because nothing had been done to the ground which had been turned into dumping venue.
The contractor only cleared the grass in the ground and dumped  soil on the main stand and yet the funds were made for renovation and modern  of the field which is used by over 22 football clubs
What the contractors did also was to remove the church from the ground which is in bad state, while the main hall had been turned to street children center.
The same goes to Laini Saba ground in which over Ksh 22 millions  were allocated and nothing had been so far done because currently hawkers had taken over the ground.
The group accused former civic leaders and CDF officials  from  Langata for sharing themselves money made for the renovation of the ground which is used by both Schools and football  clubs.
They warns that there is no way football can improve in the Country when money for renovation of the   grounds  are ending up in powerful  peoples pockets
 Noordine is the founder of  Langata League Kiko and former KFF official who is worried about the standard of football in the Country mostly Nairobi County.
 Currently football clubs and Schools are being forced to pay to group of youth in order to  use Kibera DC open ground with the knowledge of administration