Wednesday, 3 September 2014


   Ones gain witchcraft had invaded  Nairobi City estate head of referendum with the major objective
    of cashing from politicians.
     It is reported that  top Witchcraft  from Western Kenya, Nyanza and other parts of East Africa had
     invaded the city attracting numerous politicians and voters who are paying   huge some of money.
      Politicians are reported to be visiting the   witchcraft  with deadly charm who are  promising them
      that referendum will go through and is the lonely solution to Kenyan problem.
      Witchcraft invading city of Nairobi and other towns is not new during election period in Kenya
      because Kenyans politicians still believes in them during this 21 Century.
      During Moi  era politicians  M. Kombo was on spot for    using witch which so him being blocked
 number of years