Tuesday, 16 September 2014


  Police and residence of Kibera slum in Nairobi had ban funeral service of criminals who were shot dead on Ngong road as police officer who was attacked in the area last week passed away while undergoing treatment.
 Last night police officers stormed funeral service for the two criminals and took away permit issued to family members.
 There was drama when police officers  stormed the venue at Mashimoni were youth were playing round music as they collect money from members of the public and took away the permit before  ordering them away.
The two were among a group of deadly youth who stormed business  in Ngong including M pesa  and took away over Ksh 2 million before speeding off on motorbike  but  police officers responded and killed them on Ngong road.
 One of the youth from well  to do family is reported to have been transfer ed to Chiromo while the two from Kibera slum are at the City but residence and police had vowed  not to allow funeral arrangement in the area.
The group are believed to be members of the deadly group that had been attacking residence of Nairobi on Ngong road and other parts of Langata  aiming big business.
 Last week police officers was attacked in the area with pangas and dead later while undergoing treatment following the incident police stormed the area but not arrest had been reported.
 Following the incident residence had declared  total war on criminals including Laini Saba based sex workers whom they accused of working with criminals.
The residence had vowed never to allow funeral arrangement to be held in the area and threaten to remove two front tooth of sex workers.
 Five years back residence of Kibera slum attacked sex workers    at Laini Saba and removed front tooth  which so the area based lady of Sex workers mouth being chopped off and last year police officers ban    funeral arrangement for criminals while the Muslim ban the burial of criminals at there   cum entry 
 It is not clear how the family of the youth get the permit because some of the group who were playing music and collecting money from public are well known criminals in the area.