Friday, 26 September 2014


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  Kenya publishers and book lovers had been told to donate books to National Library instead of depending on international donors.
 Speaking in Nairobi during celebrating  60 years of Book Aid International Moran publisher C.E.O Mr David Muita said time had come for local publishers to donate books to Libraries as away of  giving back to the community and promoting reading culture in the Country.
 He pointed out that it is  wrong for Kenyans to depend of international book donors 50 years after Uhuru and yet Kenya is a home of rich personalities who are spending nothing out of there wealthy  to books.
Muita added that there is no way education can improve in this Country when reading culture is poor due to one way or another.
In order to  promote reading culture Publishers should be at the front line in donating books because good readers are from poor families and there parents cannot afford books.
The publishers wondered why Kenyans keep on complaining about high book price and yet nobody complain about high price of beer  and other
He said that apart from donating to National Li bray  publishers should also donate to  Book Aid International which had been supporting local publishers by buying there books.
 At the same time appealed to both publishers and writers to produce  high quality books suitable to Kenyans readers and also which can make impact on international market.